Pinning a quilt top :)

Finally I am ready to write a post to you guys and whoop because I can finally start slow stitching… feathers 🙂

Can you see them on the sashings of this border I tried to crop so you could see??!!

The sashings are all marked… the outer border is a chain and the vanilla inner sashings look like this…

I have plans for the squares too… but I will start by stabilizing the back to the middle the front by doing all but the outer sashings now… outer sashings are last 🙂

Pin basting is my preferred method to hold the 3 layers together while I hand quilt… here is my honey helping me by closing the pins behind me … isn’t that sweet!!!

What we did this time is pin the backing to the carpet… lay out the batting and let it rest for a bit… using Pellon Cotton batting in this quilt for warmth and wrinkling plus it is fairly lightweight at only 1/4″ loft.  Then we laid out the quilt top and pinned it down with straight pins too… through the batting and backing… then we pinned all the edges and carefully pinned the middle… It was a total tagteam effort and took us a couple hours easily!

Here is the whole quilt from the side…

Each cornerstone is pinned and every sashing is pinned 3 times and each block is pinned about 12 times… also you can choose little safety pins or larger safety pins… my fingers appreciate the big ones better… my honey agrees!!! lol

So make sure you buy plenty of safety pins … you can find them at Joann’s in the quilting notions section or also in the sewing notions section but not as much selection there… I get a pack anytime I have nothing not already on sale and a coupon to burn… I have them all in use now!!!!

So soon this cool quilt top will turn into a work of art being all hand quilted… binding is ready…

And I had enough backing left over to use that material to represent Fiona in a wall hanging I do next year 🙂  Yipee!!!

Hope you have a Very Merry Christmas… we are planning a quiet quilty day and a visit to the local beach!

1 thought on “Pinning a quilt top :)

  1. Kathy ... aka Nana

    I pin baste … but I lay the quilt over two 6' folding tables shoved together. I make sure that the parts that hang over the top are uniform all the way around so that all 3 layers are centered. It's a lot easier on my back … and with arthritis in my back, I need to make sure I \”baby\” my back. 😉 And I don't pin as closely together as you do, either … I make sure that I keep the layers all smooth as I pin and also make sure that as I move the hoop, everything is kept smooth. I've never had any troubles … knock on wood. ha!Good luck on marking the brown blocks.



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