Merry Christmas for me … a bit early too!

Okay,so last night my honey FINISHED my sewing machine cabinet!!!   That was soon after I finished the cozy/rug to go underneath her!!!  🙂 

Almost time for the big reveal!!!! 

But until then you get a tease… still waiting on 1 thing to come in before Fiona makes her BIG debute with her new clothes and jewelry 🙂

This pic I took this morning to memorialize and to tease… I have the best .. bestie EVER!

Here are Connie and I last summer in my back yard…

She came and stayed a week and though she was glad to return she often wishes it had been a longer visit… as do I .. so until out next visit she send me some LOVE!

The bag is hand made and hand quilted… she did it all with her two hands and a bit of help from her most excellent sewing machine!  The chocolates I have enjoyed… esp the Coconut flavored ones 🙂

Above is the other side of the bag quilted with diagonal lines while she recovered from surgery!  Now that is love and devotion to hand stitch your recovery freshly from surgery… it was the only day we didn’t talk much! She admits now :)lol

She is making me a handle as I tend to lose things and this hand made Vera Bradley esque bag … but MUCH better for me!!! is my everyday carry my phone and wallet bag… don’t wanna be losing that!  Love that fuscia zipper too… and on the front she stitched a little medalion on.. no sharp points either!!!

As if that wasn’t enough… she sent me some rulers that I picked out over the phone while she was in the store…

and I was gonna pay her back for… Merry Christmas she said!!! lol  I do that to her too really… and in my box I found them… ready to go to work for me… No clues yet on the hexi ruler but we did a lot of research and both wanna do something working with larger hexies like this ruler does so now I have it when it was 50% off! 

Then on the left is the apple core template… nice for using the rotary cutter… I have decided that will be next falls quilt made from Fossil Fern charm packs… and I will even use the side I don’t cut as these are 3″ x 4 1/2″.. so I need the charm pack.. don’t want the similarities yardage or even fat quarters would give me so charm packs on sale is it… and I love those Fossil Fern fabric colors and designs 🙂

So that is my Christmas from my bestie Connie and a sneak peek at Fiona too!

Would love to hear what you think!  Have you opened any Christmas presents yet just cuz you can??? Perk of being an adult my bestie said! lol and I agree!!!!

She is getting my gift today I think… I can’t wait to see if she likes it all.. I didn’t do anything hand made for her.. but I did a lot of her fave things 🙂

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