Meet Fiona ~ My "new to me" 1950-s MORSE 600 :)


Is my new-to-me approximately 1950’s sewing machine.  She has a body made in Japan by Toyota then she was shipped to the US where she got her motor.  It is dated 1956.  I have written to sewtoyota to see if they can tell me exactly when she was manufactured.  I found her on Craigslist for $15.00!!!  In barely working but great stitches produced order 🙂
My honey fixed her up using his know-how skills

And we used an old Singer I had inherited from my great Aunt Kathleen that doesn’t work at all anymore…

with a close up of her… unnamed but beautiful and not sure of her year 🙂

Her decals are still good but her motor was all burned up… so we used her tension knob for the missing one on Fiona…

 Also we harvested this plate that was on the back of the Singer to cover the hole for servicing Fiona that had been lost on her travels to her forever home…

Isn’t this lovely!  I would have missed it but my honey didn’t!

She has nice chrome in need of a polish but nothing more :)…

And a great condition sticker on her plate…

 And I love her nameplate… it is in excellent condition I think 🙂

 Her presser foot looks more like a darning or fmq type foot… so I am looking into one that will serve my quilt piecing purposes…

Finally we replaced her belts from our local Joann’s 🙂  She has 2.. one to run the machine and one to wind the bobbin…

no belts here…
nice new belts here 🙂

Of course we had to download the manual for it… 17 pages of wonderful info and worth the $10 we paid to download it 🙂

Meanwhile I continue writing to you and quilting … backstitching on the table topper I am working on as a Christmas present…

Hope you find time for yourself this weekend!

thanks for tolerating this post but I had no info when I bought this machine and if someone is new to vintage machines or this specific machine I want them to find out more info that I did 🙂

Have a blessed weekend!

2 thoughts on “Meet Fiona ~ My "new to me" 1950-s MORSE 600 :)

  1. Kathy ... aka Nana

    Wow on the Morse! What a find! How blessed you are to have a honey who is handy … my hubby is not, so no bargain antique machines for me. 😉 I love your quilting on the table topper … I probably wouldn't have thought of angels. Excellent choice!



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