The 13 year UFO is Complete!

This finished quilt will belong to my bestie Connie when it is complete.  She started this quilt top 13 years ago as part of a class… now it is finished!

So we pin basted it with about 200 pins and some nice bamboo/cotton blend batting :).

Now it is ready to quilt!  I sunk into the super luxurious cotton cloth sandwich and finished quilting the first block on July 7, 2013… this fall is my goal for completion as that is the climax of the 13 years it has been unfinished 🙂  We have binding cut and ready to go too so away I sew!

On August 8, 2013 I am over half done with the hand quilting…

I am loving every minute of it… quilting has been added to make it more densely quilted… I am using white and yellow YLI thread in 40 wt for the stitching 🙂

On September 6, 2013 I completed the hand quilting including signature and date 🙂  Just shy of 2 months to quilt this wonderful quilt made of wonderful fabrics 🙂   Whoop!!

On September 8 I completed the binding and washed it… but alas all the pencil marks did not come out … so I will try some Oxy-clean this week and plan to mail it on Thursday 🙂  This post will show once the recipient has received it!  Yipee!

Don’t you love how good fabrics just wrinkle right into the pattern???

How about a close up ??? !!!

 And then I had fun posing the quilt… on the hammock!

 And on a chair ready to use!

 But for now in a box it goes… to be shipped!  The recipient has only seen snatches of pics and no full sized pics as of yet… hope she enjoys this post as much as I did quilting her quilt top into a much loved quilt to have forever!

UPDATE!  USPS got it there in 2 days!!!  She LOVES it and is taking it to naptime with her… as she works night shifts 🙂

Have a blessed week!


2 thoughts on “The 13 year UFO is Complete!

  1. Design Originals by KC

    Hand quilting is very relaxing for me.. the last 2 months could have passed by and no quilt would have been finished… but in my spare time I found time to complete something wonderful and appreciated 🙂 Thanks for taking time to comment! Kathi



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