Finally Binding!

Binding a quilt is like a walk down memory lane.  You think of all that went into this quilt and pray for the recipient of the quilt…

I love the corners the most!  Do you bind your quilts like this or use another method?

This time I joined my “ends” using a Missouri Quilt vid I found here!  My thoughts on this are…

IT ROCKS!  You can’t tell where I ended it 🙂  No bulk and it turned out perfect just following the vid… and I do my corners like she does… see how nice they mitered 🙂

Well from a little machine sewing….

The binding to the front with white quilters weight Coats and Clark thread to back to my fave YLI light yellow thread to hand sew it to the yellow backing… I am having a blast…

Walking down memory lane….

I started quilting this quilt 2 months ago today 🙂

Pics of the washed and dried quilt will be coming soon… then off in the mail to the recipient it goes… the one who started it all 13 years ago putting this together.

Have a blessed weekend!


2 thoughts on “Finally Binding!

  1. Kathy ... aka Nana

    I quilted for over 25 years before I learned the bind my quilts \”properly\” … how much better they look!! I'm tempted to snatch back all my gifted quilts and re-bind them! ha! Really looking forward to seeing the quilt!



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