Beautiful Lefty Gingher 8 1/2" scissors <<< Like New!

Welcome to my Quiltville Yard Sale… I have one item up for bids… to continue shopping go to Quiltville here 🙂

These are a LIKE NEW pair of lefty GINGHER scissors that come with the logo on the scissors and the sheath.

I bought them as righties and by the time I tried them out from new in the package I realized they cut weird… they are LEFTYS with a right hand sheath on them… Mixup at the factory makes it your lucky day….

PRICE $30.00 INCLUDES SHIPPING in the continental US.  Outside the US is negotiated to less than full price shipping.

Payment via paypal…. will remove this post when sold!

Have a blessed day and to get these scissors leave me a message 🙂


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