Binding Stories…

Do you love binding or hate it… it seems to be one or the other for crafting and quilting… do you like the wind up of a project???

For quilters binding is sewing up all the quilt and readying it for the first wash and dry!  It is an exciting time and a time where expedience really counts.  So why am I writing here instead of binding???

 Well the good news is the binding is over half done…. so I will finish today and post that finish on links noted at the end of this post 🙂  but I needed a personal post… just for me and my followers 🙂  So here it is…

 See the dragonfly above that I quilted… there are 2 in this quilt…

 You see this quilt is destined for my bff of 25 years Pam…

She is lovely and talented but currently has decided not to talk to me anymore and she returned anything “borrowed” over the last few months that we are happy enough to say we only live about an hour from each other now… so this quilt will go in the closet to wait for it’s intended owner to wake up and smell the love that has been sewn into every inch of this quilt!

Love that!  Thanks for letting me vent my personal issues here… thanks for listening if you read this far and thanks for your prayers for me… but especially for Pam and whatever her torment is.

Have a blessed day!


1 thought on “Binding Stories…

  1. Kymberly

    Congrats on nearly being done with the quilt. It probably sounds weird but my feelings on binding vary depending on my attachment to the quilt. If I've spent several months planning, piecing, and quilting I'm always a bit hesitant to do the binding. It's exciting to have a finished quilt but a little sad that I no longer get to work on it.



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