Slowly making progress… Aloe Update too!

Well in my last post I shared all we have been up to… the family like has gotten busier and the work has slowed but not stopped 🙂

I am on the 20th butterfly on Pam’s quilt out of 30 total.. then on to border work.  Yahoo for progress… sure wish the butterflies were done but I won’t wish away the time to stitch them either!
 Here is the back side with my needles loaded and ready to go…

In between stitches I fixed this curtain to hang up higher in the middle… I like it now and like the shabby chik look it has 🙂

My honey is making progress on the Florida room floor tiles and is cutting the last one as I write this…

So now it looks like this…

And now for an aloe update…

Here she was earlier this week…

The blooms are drying up and blowing away and the hairs that grew on te limbs are shooting out a seed pod looking thing… there are 3 of them on the aloein this pic on Thursday…

Today it looks like this…

Now all the blooms are basically gone and the seed pods are getting jucier looking… hmmm wonder what is next???

We have had a lot of rain for this time of year thanks to an early tropical storm from the Gulf side of the state… but it looks healthy and happy otherwise… will keep watching!

Have a blessed Father’s Day and a happy Sunday!


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