See Rock City!

That’s right… Rock City, Tennessee… I grew up in TN and lived there until just about 6 months ago.  When we moved to Florida my dad made and gave us this great birdhouse as a housewarming gift 🙂

And here is where it sat since we moved in…

On the birdbath…lol!

Now it has a place of honor…

But it caused my honey to have to do a lot of work!

And the Mexican Petunias got a little wilted in the process… so extra potting soil was added and extra water was given and bread crumbs added to the ledge around it to attract the birds…

On the quilting front the quilt along has started at Patchwork Friends facebook page so come over and join us here!

I am quilting on my pinwheel quilt for Pam while I wait for fabric inspiration for my next quilt to start!  Right now I am quilting #27 of 42 pinwheels with aqua blue thread… very festive!

Have a blessed week!


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