Aloe blooms and the back yard is alive!

I have posted several pics from my back yard because it is where I see so many wonderful color combos…

Purple Queen!
Azalea blooms!
Mexican Petunia’s
And that last one I don’t know the name of but love the frosty green of the leaves so deep and gorgeous with the flourescent purple blooms… it has been very cold tolerant too!  And in that pic you can see the bright green elephant ears in the background… just stunning colors 🙂  And I am not a huge earthy green person… I am more a lime girl 🙂
But the star of the back yard is definitely the aloe vera!  Look at those fireworks getting ready to bust open and draw in hummingbirds!  Won’t that make a lovely shot!

 And a close up to see all the stages of blooming there is going on with this plant… it will feed hummingbirds for a while with all these blooms!

 Right now the color is more of a coral orange… but it changes every day!  We are talking to it and watering it when it doesn’t rain enough… but so far it has just been a great show without much effort!  Just using cactus soil and having a root bound pot removed and placed it in our home made show piece of a pot!  Yay 🙂
Now take a look at my TABLE!

Currently I am putting all the squares together on this quilt design to make the quilt top… then I can make my sandwich and start quilting all the pinwheels in aqua blue!  Yay 🙂

Have a blessed day and hope you have enjoyed this time with me today!


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