Playing catch up!

Hello friends… so much to share with you today… it has been a while since I just typed and shared so today I will do a little more of that… hope you enjoyed the hand quilters blog hop I was a part of!  It was so fun to see others in a craft I am working at getting better at… many years to master the art of hand quilting! 

Free find on craigslist for my honey…. about $50 worth of good 2 x 4’s!

My best friend Brandy enjoying a weekend at the beach in Alabama …

And my daughter with some of the artwork she created in her art class at school!

Speaking of Brandi look what she made for me and presented to me last night!

A clay bowl that had an immediate use…

To hold my pins for pin basting my quilts!!!

And look at this fun pic she made… with my bowl of safety pins in front!

This week I will have the bathroom reveal for you sans curtains and some wall decore that still has to come in…

the garage reveal so you can see how nice and tidy it is now!

 … also I wanna share what I am up to… more quilting!

I am getting ready for a “quilt along” in June.  The idea is to get those that don’t quilt or haven’t quilted in a while to quilt and preserve this skill for future generations.

Quilts came with us from England… they were ornamental and utilitarian once they got here.  Some were called whole cloth quilts.. as they has issues the early settlers used old clothes and leftover fabric to mend the quilts… thus patchwork began in the US.

Do you have any factoids you want to share about quilting??? I would love to learn more!

2 thoughts on “Playing catch up!

  1. Amy E

    Yay! Thanks for the catch-up! It's been so long since I've been out \”visiting\” I feel like I'm totally out of touch!Love the free wood! My husband would be so jealous!! And your daughter is QUITE the artist! She's really talented!! I hope you have her in lots of art classes!!Although I'm late in saying it, I just wanted to stop by and thank you for entering my blogiversary giveaway. Good luck!!



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