Daddy & Me quilt revealed!

The quilt for my daughter Brandi is complete… check out this video for help with binding your quilt!  It is very easy with this vid 🙂

I say it took a while but in looking at my blog posts…
Connie and Keely started the design of the quilt here… on April 4th’s post

Connie mailed me the appliqued quilt top here…on April 22nd’s post

I put the sandwich together, pinned and started quilting here… on April 25th’s post

I finished the quilt and presented it to my daughter May 15, 2013 🙂

So the total on this great quilt from start to finish is…just over a month!  Yahoo!!!  I am just so excited!!!

The quilt is machine pieced, hand and machine appliqued, pin basted then hand quilted in the ditch and decoratively quilted with waves all around the dolphins.  The dolphins were appliqued with interfacing applique but she used non fusible interfacing super light so as not to add bulk to the quilt… it was nice to stitch around in the pretend ditch and add decorative stitching to the tail and body!  The binding is machine sewn to the front and hand stitched to the back.  In is 61″ x 62″ in final dimensions.

If you have time and would like the story of the quilt read on…if you just wanna enjoy the eye candy and move on feel free…

We found out my daughter Brandi had a brain tumor called a pituitary tumor in March of this year.  She got a concussion in a school accident and had to have a CT.  It showed up about the size of a marble.  The good news is that this is a common tumor we know now and can be treated medically to shrink it and make it easier to remove… it is also typically a slow grower… so my daughter will start growth hormones this summer to help her bone age of 8 catch up to her age… almost 15.  Amazing what tests can tell us these days I think!  Then she will have the surgery this fall or next spring to remove the tumor.

Once I heard about her need for possibly imminent surgery…  Connie, Brandi, and I started planning her quilt for comfort during her treatments and hospital stay during surgery.  Brandi’s quilt came out just the way SHE wanted it… black and green with the coolest dolphin’s appliqued on it I have ever seen (thanks to Connie’s daughter Keely for that artwork).  And a pretty cute label too… Connie’s design but my hand just made smaller in size for the quilt proportions.

This month marks 5 years that Brandi’s father and my husband has been dead.  He died quickly when he was only 48.  Brandi wanted her quilt to have a daddy dolphin and a baby dolphin on it swimming with each other on the black and green background.  We wanted the signature block to mark the importance and love that went into this quilt for her at such a fast pace!  Brandi was told it had to be named and she dubbed it said “Daddy and Me”!  For her it is a momento of her daddy 🙂

She loves the waves … they were so worth it… if you handquilt you will be seeing this type of technique again in another way 🙂

I am entering this quilt in the bloggers quilt festival here!

Have a blessed day and thanks for visiting with me so long!


14 thoughts on “Daddy & Me quilt revealed!

  1. Nicole

    I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter and I hope everything will go well with her surgery! This quilt is amazing and I really think it is neat how you put so much thought and love into making this! You are an amazing person!!


  2. Jan

    I can't believe how quickly you made this. A true testament to a mother's love. Your story behind the quilt is very touching. I hope things go well for your daughter.


  3. CitricSugar

    Touching story – and a beautiful, meaningful quilt! Sometimes awful things like concussions are little hiccups that help us find the big obstacles before they're insurmountable. My prayers for your daughter.


  4. Melanie

    I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter's surgery. I know her quilt will be a big comfort for her. My thoughts are with both of you!Thanks for sharing this beautiful quilt with us!


  5. claudia

    What a wonderful quilt! I love that so much thought was put into the design, it turned out fantastic! My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your daughter.


  6. Tania

    What a beautiful quilt. Love the story behind it. Such a special keepsake for your dd. I pray that all goes well for her with her surgery.



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