Happy Mother’s Day!

As is my tradition… with 4 kids and my husband now passed away for 5 years… I buy my own Mother’s Day presents 🙂

Sounds kinda weird at first but that way I get what I want without breaking the budget!  The kids could go shopping… many times they make me things because they know I love homemade goodies… but this year I needed quilting gadgets!  So I shopped for myself.

Quilting notions galore!  Yay!  Also my oldest son DL got me speakers for my computer so I can hear the vids I watch wilst quilting!  Yay again!  This is the first year in many I have gotten a mother’s day present that wasn’t special because it was handmade but special because it was a need I didn’t see!

So now to my fave tools of the trade to exemplify today….

A cute darling pin cushion that will also help me keep contrasting colors straight in my head and some new to me “between” needles as they have a larger eye for larger thread 🙂


My little gingher scissors my bestie Connie convinced me to buy long ago are now priceless to me… as is my new extendable tape measure to use when piecing my quilt and measuring it!

So how about you?? What did you get for yourself or what did your family bless you with this mother’s day??  Do you prefer handmade or practical gifts??

Hope your mother’s day is blessed!


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