What we are up to!

Yahoo!  I have 8 of the 16 rows of this quilt “waved”.  I am using a thicker thread to quilt the waves to give it a cool texture… what do you think so far???

I think it adds fun and whimsy… speaking of whimsical look at this cute cut out my bff Pam stamped and my daughter played with as we had lunch together yesterday!

You see Brandi had a doctor’s appointment with a pediatric specialist for her upcoming surgery.  The surgery has been put off for now and we are gonna treat her issues to help the tumor she has shrink and not do so much more damage.  Also…. at 14 years old (15 in July) my daughter is only 4’8″ so this summer she will start growth hormones… so she can ease growing pains with this quilt I am finishing for her!  Yay!

We went to visit an art exhibit in our City Hall and found that my daughter had artwork on display for all to see!

It is a show sponsored by a local art house and is aptly named “ArtHaus” and has german owners… pretty snazzy!

Here was our fave out of the 20 drawings/artwork pieces on display in the City Hall…

This is all stipple art… there was other types of art displayed there but these two just happened to be our faves 🙂

While I am quilting my honey is “piddling” making a clock from an old 12″ saw blade that has seen better days… so we took this clock that didn’t match our decor at all anymore…

And mounted the workings to the back of the saw blade…

Including the pendulum mechanism and chime speaker… to make this amazing clock!

Now to change a few things to spiff it up a bit with some John Deere yellow paint we had…

and the John Deere emblem on the pendulum!  My honey rocks it!

Soooo excited about all that is going on with us!

Hope you have a great weekend… as for me I will be working to finish this quilt to post and present to my dd… and who knows what my honey and kids will get into this weekend! lol


3 thoughts on “What we are up to!

  1. Just Me

    The quilt is gorgeous! The waves, so perfect. You do beautiful work. The clock is really cute. Can you say a masculine clock is cute? Congrats to Brandi on her artwork on display. Looks like she takes after her mom in the craft department.



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