3D Canvas art by Pam ~ Guest Artist!

Today I have such a sweet masterpiece of my Daisy Mae to share with you…

 that my bff Pam made with modeling clay.. paint.. mists… embellishments… and lots of LOVE!

Take a look close up at the details…

do you see the message in a bottle just above???

I love starfish!

A pop of color by way of a beautiful hibiscus!

look at all the textures she put in!

 Okay so if you can’t tell I am IN LOVE with the techniques she used on this project.

The modeling paste recipe is simple.  I found it on youtube and the process that works best is EQUAL parts of:
flour (regular kitchen flour)
mod podge (whatever the end result is that you want… we used matte)
white gesso liquid

She also wanted you to know that you can color your modeling paste with regular acrylic paint or a few sprays from your mister… if the paint you add is thin you may have to add more flour to get the right consistency.

Here is the finished piece in my bathroom… reveal coming on that… I PROMISE 😀 

 Here is a trio of 3d canvases she did of her grandkids as a surprise Mother’s Day present for her one and only daughter!

 Just so you have a better idea… here are some close up’s of one of them 🙂

Don’t you love the dimension and all the types of lace and ribbon she used???

She repeated many elements a little differently in each piece of art to make them a trio their mom can love forever!

Hope you have enjoyed this guest post today!

Happy crafting and have a blessed day!


3 thoughts on “3D Canvas art by Pam ~ Guest Artist!

  1. Nicole

    These Canvas Art projects are beautiful!! I can defintely see a lot of work and detail has gone into each project. Your friend has done a wonderful job!



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