The quilt base is complete!

Can you believe that in just about 9 days I received a quilt top ready to quilt and beautifully appliqued…

Made my quilt sandwich

Basted it together with safety pins…

And completely quilted all the background blocks and the dolphins 🙂

To get this result… I quilted in the ditch as you can see above.  That means I quilted all of the seams where they joined and all around the appliqued dolphins… I also added some texture to the dolphins with decorative stitching… take a look!

And with all this part of the quilting complete a full pic looks more like this…

Notice that my batting and backing fabric are LARGER than my quilt top… that is how yours should look too… gives your quilt room to move a little as you quilt… and it will if you don’t pin it well! lol

Now I am using a thicker decorative thread called perle cotton in a size 12.  Some hand quilters use as big as a size 8… but I couldn’t find any that size and I think this size suits my needs perfectly.  I chose a light gray to coordinate with the gray embroidery on the dolphins 🙂

Waves!  My daughters design!

This is my template… I used a piece of cardboard from my doctors office… He was gonna it away so I explained why I needed it and he laughed and asked to see the quilt when I finished it! lol

Hope you come join me over at Patchwork Friends on facebook!  I would love to chat with you more candidly about quilting 🙂

Have a blessed day!


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