Wanna quilt yet???

Today I want to talk about quilting… hand quilting that is…

Few handquilters are left in the US.  Many have given it up for machine quilting and some even have a more advanced home long arm machine that does the decorative stitching for you… just program the size and pattern and it does it!

As for me… just a pair of little ginghers… a needle and some nice handquilters cotton thread and a quilt top completed makes me happy… problem is you have to find a quilt top to quilt! lol

So I am making plans for my next quilting project!

It is gonna be a pinwheel quilt of this design…

Without the butterfly corner things….
Out of this fabric selection…

with this background on the front….

can you see the white on white dragonflies flying around???
And this cool batik on the back!

the special recipient of this quilt picked out ALL the fabrics with minor assistance from me once she had chosen her pattern!

Follow along with me and let’s make a quilt together from start to finish!  Find me on PATCHWORK FRIENDS on facebook!

I will machine piece this then hand quilt it but you can machine quilt yours if you want 🙂  or even hand piece… there is not timeline.

Let me know if you want to join Patchwork Friends and I will send you an invitation.  Just let me know your facebook name 🙂

Check out this vid and others like it on heyquilty.com!  I really enjoy Mary Fons teaching style… I have started at the beginning of her vids and am almost through season 1 now 🙂   Her mom writes the mag she is using as a prop! lol

So go check on the internet and find a quilt block or quilt pattern that you like.  Make sure you pick something out for your skill level… if you are new let’s pick it out together … and keep in mind the receiver… that is SOOOO important!

Quilts are easy to put together!.. Once you have picked out your pattern come back here and tell me you are ready with a quilt design!  I hope you join me… I am kinda scared to be honest and doing this with others seems like it would take the fear factor out a little!

For you quilty followers of mine… choose something… a UFO (un finished object) or current project and join us.  I plan to start this quilt around June 1.

Who is with me???

Have a blessed day!


9 thoughts on “Wanna quilt yet???

  1. Maria

    This sounds like it could be alot of fun unfortunately I have so many projects to complete I don't think I'll be able to take part. I admire anyone who does hand quilting. It looks so beautiful.


  2. Design Originals by KC

    Maria… bring your current larger project to the party June 1 and share THAT work with us… I am a papercrafter at heart who is on a journey with fabric for as long as it continues… would love to see your work be it art in the form of paper OR fabric 🙂 So think of what you can share with us June 1… if you are willing 🙂 Kathi


  3. Kymberly

    I just finished a large pinwheel quilt that I hand pieced and quilted. I had so much fun doing it and have been thinking about what quilt I want to hand quilt next. I can't guarantee how fast I'll be, but I'm willing to join you.


  4. Dell

    Kathi, thanks for sharing this lovely post on quilting. Quilts are my favorite choice for bedding and I can't wait to see your finished products!


  5. Design Originals by KC

    I really enjoy quilting right now and even bought a little cabinet at a thrift store to keep my fabric in. Thanks for taking time to read my post and share your thoughts! Glad you are enjoying your time with me 🙂 Kathi



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