Still Quilting!

Here is my stitching…

I am loving this hand quilting stuff!  It is loads of fun seeing a pattern form where there was expanses of flatness now there is hills and valleys from where I have quilted… the pics at this point don’t show so I won’t bore you but if you think quilting might be something you are interested in check out these vids…
Intro to quilting by hand is here
and Intro to quilting by machine is here

Overall I will say having done some of both my passion lies in design and hand quilting… but you get fast overall satisfaction and a very sturdy quilt if you have just a plain sewing machine.

I didn’t use the walking foot they talk about and quilted wonderfully well.

I don’t use a hoop when I hand quilt… I am hoopless! lol

I pin for handquilting instead of hand baste as me and basting just don’t get along… but I pin a LOT!  It is less stable than basting threads!

I pray for those in my home and for those that have requested prayer.

So today I ask you… can I pray for you ???  Please let me know of a prayer request you may have… I have lots of quilting ahead before this project is complete… it keeps getting added to! lol

Have a blessed week and hope I get to pray for you!


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