When did you???

I started scrapbooking in 1999.  I didn’t learn the love of paper and how it can work for you in so many ways until much later… check out the use of paper in this layout featured by my bff Pamela!

This is a layout she did for her granddaughters 10th birthday at the beach near where they live… isn’t is lovely and inspiring!  But we couldn’t have done this layout a few years ago… our talent evolves as we feed it… what talent do you feed?

Right now I am feeding my quilting talent… I have put down the mini album with the base pages finished but lots of embellishing and organizing left to do…

Connie just has to applique the dolphins onto the quilt and she is even sending me a diagram for quilting them with extra pattern drawn into the quilting!

Can’t seem to find my groove in the cross stitching department…

Have been reading a great book series starting with “The Giver” by Lois Lowry.  If you have teens it is a great family read too!  Lots of talking points in it for conversation starters in a non threatening manner 🙂  Love that!  Here is the second book in the series…

My honey has banned me from posting pics of the bathroom he is remodeling… but suffice it to say it is looking totally fabulous even though it is still partly being designed… the floor is currently going in and we are using the same tile we used for the foyer… it is so nice to rest my feet on cool sturdy and not slick tile when I get up in the mornings!  Here is his craziest cut yet!

Pretty wild to think that you can put that many cuts into a 1/4″ thick tile without breaking it! lol
Hope you find inspiration in this post and share with me how you started and what your fave craft of the moment is!  I would love to learn more about you too!

Have a blessed day!


8 thoughts on “When did you???

  1. Cathy C

    Love the beach layout by your friend! I starting crafting in my early teens. (1980's) I started learning to piece a quilt with my boyfriend's mother. Then, I took up cross stitching. It has evolved from there to scrapbooking, furniture restoration, depression glass collecting, sewing, and just about anything else you can think of. Right now, I am in the \”wedding mode\” and making things for my daughter's wedding in December. (Shabby Chic theme)


  2. Design Originals by KC

    oooh Cathy how fun! I like having lots of various hobbies… many papercrafters seem to only paper craft… I am glad I am not alone in my desire to craft in other ways too! Thanks for sharing and so happy you have been crafty for so long! Kathi


  3. kel Acopan

    kathi you always amaze me with your many projects! let's see…. i went to sewing lessons in elementary, i used to cross stitch in high school, would love to get back into that… i started scrapbooking in 2002 after i got married but didn't really get into it until '03 when i got pregnant with DS1. I also taught myself to knit in '10 and have stockpiled more than enough yarn, but now it's about using it up and making things. i also just inherited my grandmother's crocheting yarns and will probably teach myself to do that as well just because i can't see myself just getting rid of it. quilting is on my \”want to do\” list but we shall see!!


  4. Design Originals by KC

    You are busy yourself Kelli! Thanks for sharing more about yourself… I used to know how to crochet but found it tedious when I tried again a few years back. Quilting I thought was a lost art in our family as my grandmother (the quilter in the family) has passed away already. Alas my friend Connie has brought out the lost art in my fingers! I am so excited to get this quilt and start the quilting process! Kathi



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