Brandi’s quilt is being appliqued now!

Applique is such a strange word and I have yet to learn this skill but my bestie Connie and her daughter Keely are working on doing just that to the quilt base Connie has completed for my daughter Brandi.

Keely and my bestie Connie

You see my daughter has to have a special surgery in June… so we are making her a quilt to take into surgery and to help her heal faster after too!  Lots of love and prayers going into this quilt!

Lots of ink too!

You see they are sewing a pair of swimming dolphins onto a quilt top.  My daughter wanted it and Connie is bringing it to fruition!  With the help of her artist daughter Keely who found this dolphin pair…

which they turned into full size models that were inked to color coordinate with these fabrics…

the light pink will be the white patterned fabric and the dark pink will be the grey swirly fabric… the light grey floss is for embroidering personalities into the dolphins 🙂

So thanks to Keely they have 2 dolphin patterns ready to be turned into a daddy and daughter dolphin swimming on the top of the quilt!  Pretty cool huh??? !!!  My next post in an indepth view of the applique process.  I am so excited seeing this quilt come to life and so happy I can share it with you!  Hope you are enjoying it too!

My daughter is very excited about this and can’t wait for me to start quilting it… you see I will take a break from all else and hand quilt this masterpiece.

Connie is even designing a signature block to go on the back as a permanent part of the quilt!  LOVE THAT!  She is coming up with catchy names for each of us putting time and effort into this quilt for my sweet daughter to have forever 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this ride…

Have a blessed day!


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