One mission complete & one in the planning stages :)


The ironing board and cover are DONE!  Yay… love a mission completed!

Yesterday I showed you how to do it so today I had to share it finished… now onto my next task…

  • Keep on cross stitching
  • Keep on working on the mini album
  • Keep on trying to make a few cards here and there 

But what I am really excited about is what I am planning!

A quilt for my daughter Brandi!

She has to have surgery in June we think but sometime soon so we want her to have a specially made quilt that SHE designed!

Here is her design… watch it come to life as my bff Connie pieces it and mails it to me and I quilt it!

Connie is going to make 144 ~ 5 1/2″ squares of this fabric selection….

to make the background of the quilt.  My daughter drew out the dolphin design Connie will applique onto the quilt base she makes with her 144 squares of green and black fabrics.  The dolphins will be white… at my daughter’s request 🙂  I mailed her the dolphins my daughter drew and she will make the appliqued dolphins from her drawing… isn’t that cool!

Then she will mail it to me and I have ordered the batting for the quilt sandwich and Brandi picked out this fabric for the back of her quilt

Isn’t it fun!  I think it is a bit busy but she LOVES it and that is what is important…

I have some great quilting ideas… I will be handquilting this diagonally and horizontally 🙂  The background will be diagonal quilting with the dolphins being outlined then quilted horizontally.  Cool huh?  We will see if I can get it done in time… then it will be time to bind with this fabric…

this is a close up of one of the fabrics going into the quilt.  But isn’t it fun with the lime and grey polka dots on black!  LOVE IT!

Lucky for us my friend Connie has a week off next week and can make the quilt top and applique the dolphins in place as my daughter wants then get it mailed to me 🙂  Such a fun time to prepare for something that isn’t as much fun but something that is necessary 🙂

Please keep my daughter Brandi in your prayers in the coming months.  She has a long road ahead of her and I just can’t go into more detail at this time… but prayers are ALWAYS appreciated.

Hope you have enjoyed the planning of a quilt and a little of what we have done!  My honey is still peeling wallpaper but soon our bathroom will be redone with whitewashed wainscoting and new tile floors… paint for the walls is still undecided.

Have a blessed crafting week!


3 thoughts on “One mission complete & one in the planning stages :)

  1. Anita

    You are so creative and talented Kathi. I'm jealous that you have a friend who loves to craft with you, albeit at a distance. Your daughter will feel well loved when she goes into surgery.God bless,Anita aka Nit



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