Happy April! Busy month ahead :)

Welcome to my blog!  Hope you have time to stay for a few minutes I have lots to share 🙂

Cricut and matching Gypsy cover 🙂

Look what I got!  An early birthday present in the mail from my bff Joyce… she made one for her that is yellow and I fell in love… so she made me one when I asked for the pattern!  LOVE THAT!!!  I promptly ironed out the traveling wrinkles and set it in place… my gypsy is happy with her new home and my cricut got dusted before applying the dust cover! lol

My mom came over Sunday and brought us a “cross cake”!  It is yellow cake with homemade chocolate icing… it was sooo yummy!  HE IS RISEN!!  He is risen indeed!

Yesterday I didn’t get much done because I had to go to a long doctor’s appointment so today I got busy and read a book my dd is reading at school and wanted to discuss… it was a very interesting read… “The Giver” by Lois Lowry.  I am excited to talk to her about it when she gets home today.

I have also been working on the beginnings of the mini album I am making… the base color is white… so all my pics are boring but I will show you a few 🙂

It all starts with 6 paper bags…

a little inspiration… this will be a Disney Cruise album so the keychain fits 🙂

Adding some fold out pages

Now time to make the cover!

So I have been busy … I am on this video right now by My Sister’s Scrapper.  Ginger is a great teacher if you are interested in watching and making a mini album!  It is easy so far and she even made a prep video to gather your supplies for the entire project!  😀

I am also working on a quilter’s ironing board…

 For this project I needed a board (my honey supplied a piece of plywood that is 18″ square… and old towel and some fabric that inspires you…

This fabric inpires me… what do you think?  Too bright or not bright enough??? lol

The video I am watching to make this quilter’s ironing board is here at the Missouri Star Quilt company 🙂

Now onto our home 🙂  We are slowly making small changes including:

  • Hiding wires in surround sound system
  • Laying fresh and more substantial baseboard
  • Finishing Brandi’s room for now
  • Straightening the garage for new projects to begin
  • Cutting the grass and cleaning the house… always something to do there! lol
  • And now we are….

Starting on the Master Bath!

My children are lovely but don’t keep the bathroom to my standards… so our guest bath is the master bath and that is fine with me… yes their bathroom gets cleaned but it doesn’t stay tidy.  So our bathroom gets the first makeover starting with….

 Peeling wallpaper… yep… all that bland wallpaper

 gone!  Thanks to these great tools!

My honey is very talented and we are very blessed!

Hope you have enjoyed this tour… next I want to share a quilt I am designing with my bestie Connie to make for Brandi my daughter!

Have a blessed day!


4 thoughts on “Happy April! Busy month ahead :)

  1. Leah

    You do sound awfully busy! But sounds like fun busy things:) Love the Cricut cover…I had one for my Cricut Create and then upgraded several years back to an Expression and never figured out how to make another one. Sewing is not my strong suit. Can't wait to see how your bathroom remodel turns out. Hope you had a very blessed Easter..ours was good:)



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