Refinishing an antique ~ Part 1 Stripping and cleaning

And taking it all apart!  I am amazed as I watch my honey refinish an antique telephone table we have.  We purchased this old telephone on Ebay to go on it and now he is acting like he is racing the phone getting here to having the table ready for it! lol

So here is what the table looked like when my bff Brandy gave it to us… I found a pic with this in the background.

So excuse the wood in your way but notice that nice bland paint???  On a beautiful hard wood piece!

Here is the shelf showing you a close up of that bland color next to the dark green geometric polyester feel fabric… so our plans… this is where I get involved! lol  Is to take all the old finished off

Working on that one now 🙂

We are using a gel that works slower but is safer to inhale without a respirator.  I bought him gloves but this gel stays gel like absorbing the paint and varnish so he has scraped it without them!  Wow!!

We did buy an inexpensive brush you can see above for this job but so far (and this part is almost done) the brush looks good as new when he finishes for a time and rinses it out.

We are currently contemplating stain colors but are pretty sure we are gonna use fabric that looks like this…

I think it is soooo elegant and just timeless in it’s texture and pattern.  It is expensive fabric but it is on sale right now at JoAnn;s and if it goes off sale I will just use my handy smartphone app for a coupon code!  Yay 🙂

As for me… in the meantime… I have been running errands and cross stitching… wanna see how much progress I have made???

Doesn’t look much different does it???  Eventually I will use other colors and start filling it in and it will come to life but cross stitch requires patience… and that is something I am needing to work on.

And in the mail today we got the phone… so a little staging before we stain and varnish is in order!

Isn’t it going to be cute with mahogany red stain and the light cream upholstering?? Yay us!

Hope you have a blessed ending to your week.  Thanks for visiting with me!


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