Cheers for a happy crafty week!

Hello my crafty friends.  After having a marathon quilting couple of weeks I am ready for a backseat job now… lol!  So as I showed you at the end of my last post… I started a LARGE cross stitch project.  It should take a while as cross stitching isn’t a marathon sport!  lol

Above is where I am looking at from the picture…. and below is what I am cross stitching.
The secret to a pretty picture is to always do your “x”‘s in the same direction and it will be a masterpiece!

Here is a look closer up at the one color I am working on right now… in one section around the word “simple”….

While I am cross stitching my honey has been working on the electrical in our house updating the plugs and switches to white ones.  He also has been tuning up and using a lawn mower we found on craigslist 😀

And finally… nothing like spoiling yourself a little when your teenage kids don’t appreciate you other than some retail therapy!!! lmbo 

So I got a new wallet and some material to make an ironing board cover with!  Isn’t it fun fabric…on both of them 🙂  The wallet is Vera Bradley Midnight Blues… LOVE and the fabric I got at a local quilt shop on the cheap 🙂

Have a blessed day and thanks for visiting!


1 thought on “Cheers for a happy crafty week!

  1. Alicia Joy

    So glad you got some new projects going! Now, I saw seahorses on the new ironing board cover, but did I also see Mermaid hair? :DAlicia



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