Jelly rolls… and a quilt update

I enjoy sharing the good and the bad in online shopping… recently I had a great experience and a not so great experience when buying some jellyrolls for an upcoming quilt project (coming this summer)…

So my first purchase was some white on white jellyroll but the shipping took so long that I had the second jellyroll in pretty colored Moda fabric line called PB&J by Basic Grey first!!!  And when the white on white jelly roll came it was a mess!

The Moda fabric came from an Etsy seller and the experience was fantabulous.  The white jellyroll came from a seller on eCrater who was less than professional but did refund my money spent on the jelly roll.  And I got to keep the jelly roll even though I offered to return it.

My quilting friend Connie has the fabric and she is designing quilts we will make together when she comes down from TN for a visit… here is a quilt block she “threw together” for a church quilt project…

And here is a pic of my constant companion who is sitting on my feet as I type 🙂

Now back to clipping strings and finishing the last of the quilting and I will post some pics for you to see of some of the quilt blocks going into this tshirt quilt.  You see, each quilt block needs quilting in it to stabilize it for future washing and the life of the quilt too really!  So far I have used 8 football fields of thread in piecing it and quilting it.

Once the quilting is complete… I get to bind it and then wash it!  Yay 🙂

Hope you are enjoying this inspiration today and have a blessed March day!



3 thoughts on “Jelly rolls… and a quilt update

  1. Leah

    Wow you are brave with the quilting! I'd love to learn but I just don't have the time right now. That Basic Grey fabric looks lovely..can't wait to see your finished project:)


  2. Just Me

    I love the hands on the quilt piece your friend Connie made. So glad you got your money refunded, and get to keep the role. I'm sure you can find some of it still useable. That would be a nice perk for your trouble.



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