A shelf in a day :)

This weekend we decided to make a shelf for my daughter’s growing snow globe collection.  It all started with this cute shelf we saw at Lowes….

Theirs is made by Allen Roth and is 5 feet tall… it is made of particle board with a wood finish to it.  So we decided to make ours out of wood.  Poplar and pine to be exact.  Here is how ours turned out…

Ours is 6 feet tall and has 6 evenly spaced shelves on it.  It is so sturdy and will last her a lifetime 🙂  And we did it all for the same price as theirs!!!

Here is how we did it…
First we made the A frame front and back and cut the angles… my honey is the bomb at figuring out that stuff and making it look easy!

 Next we cut the wood…. carefully

check out that concentration she has going for her 🙂

 Once we had the wood cut it was time to put it together!

 So they did!

 Boy that is a nice tall shelf!

 Here is the shelf put together… but wait… we are forgetting something…

 Painting!  She chose black satin paint.

Then a final sanding for a finished completed look….

 And a final coat of paint to cover the dowels that hold each shelf in place… and whalaaah!

Notice our new TV in the background… and we have rearranged the living room a bit…. this is all you get to see until there is a Casa Del Loro update showing the living room reveal! lol  Also, this is not the final resting place for this shelf… just a safe place for it to dry while we paint my daughter’s room and get it ready for this awesome shelf!  Final reveal to come on a future edition of Casa Del Loro too!

And finally… as they were painting and I was taking pics to share with you the mail lady came and brought me a long awaiting package from my bff in California.  Yep, Joyce sent me some Stampin Up things I had ordered and a few extra things she “threw in”…

Isn’t she awesome to send me so much love!  I especially love the card that she featured on her blog… to see it in person and to now have it is such an inspiration to me 🙂

Hope you have a great week!  Thanks for joining me for some wood craftiness today 🙂


P>S>  For those of you interested… I am about 70% done with the quilting of the quilt for my son!  Yahoo!  It is really taking shape now!

4 thoughts on “A shelf in a day :)

  1. Alicia Joy

    Wow! Y'all did an awesome job with the shelf. I know Brandi will love it, especially since she helped to make it! Can't wait to see the living room reveal!Alicia Joyajoyworthhaving.blogspot.com



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