Casa Del Loro Foyer & Dining before and after :)

In my last post I showed you the before pic of our dining and foyer… but let me show you again… the transformation is amazing!

And from this same angle… now you see…

So let’s take a closer look… and show you a few finds we got along the way 🙂

As you enter our home now you are greeted with our parrot table.. okay it is a tucan… but it is a tropical bird and I love the table and the thick glass on top.  I LOVE starfish and collect them when I find an interesting one 🙂  Above the table are pictures of a sunrise and a sunset… the sunrise is from right here in our backyard beach, and the sunset is over the lake behind my parents home.  Both are beautiful to me 🙂

Here is a look at it from another angle… notice my Daisy Mae had to get in the shot!  lol

The abstract art is something I bought after our home burned down to decorate the walls with something so I found these for cheap as a set at Marshall’s almost 5 years ago now.  The picture is actually a puzzle my kids and I all put together as part of the healing we did after losing everything dear to us.  I found the perfect frame at Michael’s and now it has a place of honor over our completed dining room area 🙂  The vase on the table is a Disney collectors vase that has deep sentimental value as well.  There is even a spotlight in the vaulted ceiling that shines down on it. 

And that centerpiece on the table is a lazy susan so having a crowd here is fun at this table!!! lol

Then I found this clock on Craigslist.  I have talked many times about Craigslist and it just works well for us.  

Here is a close up….

We paid $25.00 for it and were happy to get it for that price.  It weighs about 20 lbs and is hanging on studs! lol  It tells not only the time (accurately so far!) but also the temperature and humidity in the house.  What a great thing!

So as we speak my honey is finishing the living room paint job and moving around some cabinets… there will be a living room reveal in a later post.

Have a blessed day and do something nice for yourself today! 😀


3 thoughts on “Casa Del Loro Foyer & Dining before and after :)

  1. Leah

    Hi Kathi! Your home is beautiful! Love the detail the wayne's coating adds and the love the colors you are painting, so pretty! We have all white walls and haven't gotten around to painting yet…when we moved it was very rushed and we were just happy that it was a clean slate, but now after 2 years the white walls are wearing on us! Hopefully soon we can paint too:) Thanks for the link about fixing the no reply thing, I went and changed it so I think it should work now! Hugs…



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