What’s on my workdesk… WEDNESDAY! :)

I am so excited to tell you I am currently working in 2 spaces right now being a major multi tasker… last week I barely blogged and worked really hard on something and DIDN’T share it with you!  Today I will share 🙂

First up on my craft desk is Wendy Coffman’s card I need to make…

 I still have 4 cards and a card box to make in this set and it is small work… so I am taking my time and enjoying her craftsmanship with designing them.  This was a GREAT buy for me 🙂  I have learned a lot and enjoyed making the more intricate cards.

My daughter has been using my craft studio with a friend who lives down the street and goes to school with her.  They made a poster and embellished it with paint, glitter glue, stamps, stickers, and punched paper!  Check it out 🙂

 We did add the ampersand (&) between Jupiter and Mars after this… the poster board was a little slick for stamping on!  lol

On my other work desk you will see this!

Yep, and ironing board is right if that is what you guessed.  I have tshirt pieces I am ironing on interfacing and gonna make my son (DL my 28 year old son) a quilt out of them.  He collected tshirts for about a year pulling some faves that were worn out, or shirts he loved but didn’t fit with shirts he got at thrift stores.  He has found some seriously cool shirts for this project but not enough for the 25 blocks I need to make it the size he needs.  So he is putting artwork on blank tshirt pieces.  It will look like him a lot I think!

I am using these materials to border each block…

Except not the skull one… he nixed that… anyone want it???  I will have half a yard that I won’t ever use to give to someone if you like it leave me a message… the first one to message me about it below in comments can have it…. it is all 100% cotton quilting fabric 🙂  Here are the stack of squares I have ready to go…

And a stack of interfacing already cut…

Most of my assistance so far has been youtube vids and I have left lots of thumbs ups for the ones that helped the most… however I can’t recommend just one 🙂  I like anything by the Missouri Quilt Company.  But I am kind of blazing my own trail with very little knowledge and lots of love for my son!  lol  The back of this quilt is gonna be a sheet and I will machine quilt most of it to make it go easier and be sturdier for him.  I am using batting I found on sale for my middle.

I have only made 1 other quilt and a pillow in the past and they are both in active daily use!  lol

Don’t you love the Raymer sign over the bed.  Our realtor gave us that when we sold our home in TN as a closing gift!  Yay 😀

My honey has been super busy and I haven’t shown you much of anything… so here are some more sneak peaks….

So far he has torn out the old tile floor and laid a fresh new one on the concrete slab.  Once the new floor was down he painted the upper part of the wall… then he has sanded and finished the bottom part of the wall to take away the texture and allow us to use a white semi-gloss that we will paint over the wainscoting (the boxes on the walls have a name 🙂  lol).  He is spending lots of time now caulking and filling the holes with putty.  It is very labor intensive and it calls it a “work of love”… awwww!  So sweet of him to love me that much 🙂

Hope you are having a happy day!


4 thoughts on “What’s on my workdesk… WEDNESDAY! :)

  1. Kate

    Wow! Your house seems even busier than ours… and I didn't think that was possible! How fun that your daughter was able to make a school poster with her friend – and your quilt is going to be AMAZING! What a fabulous idea! Your house is on its way to looking quite marvellous too! Good for hubby!


  2. Anonymous

    Did you give that fabric away? I have a friend who always does Dia de los Muertos projects with skull fabrics! Looks like your daughter takes after you!



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