Backyard reno project ~ Phase 1 and 2

Since we just moved into a 22 year old home we have several projects to do and I thought featuring them here would help us remember all we did and may inspire you to investigate you section on the worlds best solutions for DIY projects.

Today we are going to share about the landscaping we are doing out back… where we spend a lot of time.  We now live near the beach in Florida.  The weather is usually in the 60 to 90’s but can get as low as 30 or as high as 110.  So we have had to learn landscaping all over from the Tennessee hills we moved from. 😉

It all started innocently enough with putting in a doggy door going outside from the Florida room.  My honey had the brilliant idea to add a sign for the dogs… he has a twisted sense of humor and we love him for it…

Soon that led to putting stepping stones outside the door so the dogs didn’t track in grass and dirt from the back yard!

We had some plastic edging the previous owners had used for butterfly plants to the left of the door and a lone living daisy to the right of the door… well the daisy was transplanted to live with the butterfly plants for now and the patio steps got extended some….Soon it looked like this!

Thanks to a lot of work sifting through rocks to get to the dirt underneath!

That is right… the previous owners had used rocks as mulch… you see in Florida we can get termites really easy so no wood goes into a house that doesn’t have to (our home is made of concrete blocks on the outside) and mulch should be rocks or rubber…. so our mulch is dark red rubber shredded to look like real wood mulch!

Well that flower bed only encouraged my honey to want to see more done so before long he had sifted rocks out of more dirt until he had 2 wagons full… see the wagon full of rocks in this pic?!

And by the end of the day and lot of leveling later…

My honey had us a really nice area that is ready for some fun color!  Tomorrow we are going to a nursery that should have some COLORFUL shade loving plants that this area needs 🙂

But my fave shot of all of it is this one…

next time he feels like yard work I think this may be the spot he works on next….lol!

For him yard work and gardening are therapeutic… like paper crafting is for me….

One of my bff’s… Brandy is feeling very sad right now… I made her a card today and I would like to ask you to say a prayer for her to find happiness again 😉  Thanks…

I was test driving a new design with some great Pebbles paper I got last fall and have been dying to use!

Hope you are inspired by all the work we have been up to… okay all the work my honey has been up to!  lol

Have a blessed day!


1 thought on “Backyard reno project ~ Phase 1 and 2

  1. Just Me

    The yard is coming along very nicely. Your Honey does great work. Its lookin gooood.Love that card. Love the heart, you need to show us how you made the heart. I sure Brand will love it.



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