My first scrapbook layout in my new craft room… but wait there’s more!

Good morning my blogging buddies!  Hope you are having a great January so far and a happy new year!  We are still busy unpacking the house and straightening and organizing the garage for future plans 😉  Our goal is to be boxless by mid January which would mean we unloaded everything in a month!  I think that is great 🙂  We are getting to wall decor boxes now mixed with last minute stuff that we threw in.  For instance I found a light bulb I needed in a living room box… and my fave paper box just came into my craft room from the garage!  Do you have a fave crafting box???

As far as the craft room goes here are a few pics of my space.

 This is just to the left of my desk… 2 bookshelves… the middle shelf on the left is just pics that need to be organized… but I love my clip it up and the black and white chevron basket!    The bottom shelf on that bookshelf is CTMH stamps and cricut cartridges in a snap n stack tote!
The bookshelf on the right was a craigslist find and the drawers I found on sale at Target.. I like the black on black.. it holds my punches and has a boom box and headphones when I need them 😉

My desk is awesome.. you can see my car holder for my iPhone is what I will be using for my videos… I have a tripod ordered but for now this is what I will use… hope you aren’t too close that way!  My plan is to video putting a page with embellishments together… so the pages aren’t stuck down yet… I want to do all that on camera… here is a sneak peek of the 2 pages I am working on…

Okay… this is my first layout in quite a while.. I have been a card making maniac and it is time to get back to my roots… I started creating with paper by scrapbooking!  This is also my first time to journal via my computer to my printer to my punches to this page!  Yahoo!!!  So watch my vid coming in the next few days and lets put these pages together… but first there is more!

My honey has been working hard to organize the garage as he unpacks it… here are some of his pics….

 We bought these storage shelves and a linear storage system at Lowes to hang and organize all the tools on… my honey is very creative so his tools for wood are similar to my paper tools.. just more heavy duty!

 Our home came with pegboard on 1 wall in the garage.. it is a continued work in progress but I have a desk coming into the garage too so you may see me make some vids from there… 🙂  I can’t wait!

Finally here is his workstation he built in the old house.. the cute refrigerator was a craigslist deal!  Yay for cl!

So besides a few boxes in the garage and the living room.. and we just found out the door and drywall will be delivered today so soon we will be a construction zone for a short time as the dining room is converted to a bedroom… french doors so it can be used as a dining room in the future 🙂

The doors have now arrived so as I changed my posting above… in case I missed a place… the vid for this scrapbook layout will come in the next couple of days when I can give you my full attention… for now I must go assist my honey in door installation and drywall 😉

Have a blessed January and try to put a little craftiness in every day!


4 thoughts on “My first scrapbook layout in my new craft room… but wait there’s more!

  1. Dell

    Sounds and looks like things are coming together for you nicely. Love your crafty area. Also, love the layout! Great colors. Can't wait to see your first video!


  2. Leah

    Looking good! So fun to get all set up in a new nest 🙂 Thank you so much for your encouragement on my blog today…you are right and your kind words have helped me so much. Hugs…


  3. Nicole

    Looks like you are getting settled in fast. I love your layout! Hopefully you will continue to feel at home and definitely enjoy that wonderful Florida weather!



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