Happy mail from my dearest friend :)

Today I want to share some happy mail that arrived earlier this week!  I have been using it like crazy but now that I have washed it it will be time to put it on a shelf and just pull it out every once in a while I think as it is a treasure!

Here is another side of it…

She put attributes of me in her handwriting all over this cute coffee cup that holds 16 oz!!!  And if you noticed anything but the cup she included coffee from Starbucks!!!

There are many inside inuendos here that I won’t share as that is more personal that I think is okay but my dearest friend knows me so well.  She made it perfect for ME!  Now do you see why I plan to put it on a shelf and let it be adored and then take it down once a month or so 🙂

I am blessed to have 3 bff’s… this one .. my dearest friend lives far away and we have chatted but never met.  We are due to skype sometime soon and I look forward to that!

As for my craft room I am down to the last box.  Only 1 box remains but I took a day off and ran errands so now it is time to get back to the daunting task of getting everything in a home where it is usable and not so hidden!

I would love ideas that work for you on craft room organization or a video that you think would help inspire me. 

Dear readers I implore that you find something as a bloggy gift to me to include a link below in your comment to a you tube or blog that has something intriguing about craft room organization.  I am blessed to have the scrap cabinet… here is a short vid I made of my bedroom renovation in the early stages… hope you enjoy the vid. 

My goal for 2013 is to craft like never before using what I have and keeping a running scrapbook of family activities including the mundane every day… and to learn how to make a video… this one is just pics and music but it is a start to photo editing!!! yay!!!  High Five to me 🙂

Have a blessed day… please inspire me in your response 🙂


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