Happy 12/21/12! Casa del Loro is announced!

Hello bloggers… hope this day finds you safe and sound surrounded by those who love you and those you love!  I have lots to share today… including what my craft room looks like right now! 

If you follow me you know that we just moved… as in 6 days ago… into a home 700 miles away from our old home.  And in a more temperate climate near the beach in Florida!  Well my kids wanted to name the house and give it a personality and goals to live up to… in our quest to name the house we had fallen in love with this parrot the previous and only owners of our new cozy home had left for us!  The previous owner had a real parrot that she carried around on her shoulder… thus the name was then given… Casa del Loro!  House of the parrot!!!!

Next was our first renovation to this new home of ours… the kitchen sink got first dibs!  That was a surprise to us because on initial inspection we loved the kitchen just as it was… but once we put in the new sink, garbage disposal, and faucet well….

My honey installed all of it!

And soon it was overflowing with dishes and in use!

The garbage disposal is on the left so we can cut up fruits, veggies and meats and down go the remains into the disposal  Yay!

Now that the kitchen is looking a little bit better time to show off part of the master bedroom… our bed is up and going!

I made the quilt earlier this year as well as the little pillow in the center… my first 2 quilting projects 🙂  The sheets and pillow shams and dustruffle came from Target and the pineapple pillows were given to me by my mom and go wonderfully from her leftovers to my current use!  Yay!

Now for the not as neat side of my room…. the craft area!

This will be transformed in the next week as my Christmas present to myself into a working craft room to inspire you all once again 🙂  I love being inspired on blogs and haven’t stopped blog hopping or video watching since the craft room came down… I am gung ho to do some projects soon. 

As far as the stocking I was working on in previous posts… it hasn’t been touched again… but it silently waits for me to return to it 🙂

Our final revision to the house thus far is adding a doggy door where a solid piece of metal on 2 sides filled with foam for insulation was removed…..

And the finished dog door is installed now and our sweet Daisy Mae is using it on a regular!


Hope you have a great Christmas and a Happy new Year!… More coming as we unload more boxes 🙂

Have a blessed day and don’t forget to call those you love today just to say “I love you!”  It is worth it!


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