Happy December!

Happy December… if you have an advent calendar today you start playing with it!!! yay!  Mine is here…

or here….

This is all but my scrapbox!  I have a friend coming over Thursday I think to help me empty that… moving is an overwhelming process and we still have 2 weeks to LIVE here… then hurry and pack the essentials we need for everyday and the movers come to take it all away…

So how has your week been?  Did you do anything you are proud of?  I am so proud all the parts and pieces of my craft room are now packed safely away in my garage… my friend that is coming is bringing boxes that are nice and big to pack all my paper and stamps in 😉

Today I wrote a brief Christmas newsletter and sent it to a friend to proof… then to try to get pics to go with it will be another feat of God’s wonderful ways I guess because my kids aren’t as camera friendly as my bff Brandy and my honey are!

They look this good after a day of packing!  Yay!

Hope you have a blessed weekend and a great December!


3 thoughts on “Happy December!

  1. Tamra Young-Pope

    Only 13 more days and we will be neighbors..and I'll be there to help you unpack your scrap space….love the flamingo at the top of your blog! Today it is perfect here in Florida….the sun is shining, its 78 degrees and its a perfect beach day. Last night we went to our first Christmas party of the season and we wore shorts, lol….love it! Happy packing and see you soon 🙂


  2. Leah

    Yea for packing it means it means the move is coming soon!! It is a pain to move though, we moved to our home 2 years ago and I surely do hope it's the last time…ever! So excited for you:) And thank you for your advice and encouragement with my son and his eating…will give it a try!



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