Before the packing begins …

Hello my bloggy friends… I really don’t have a lot of pics today but I have been so busy doing the phone work to make this move happen…

Since I last shared with you I have hired movers, planned school moves, picked new doctors for all of us and started taking quotes on insurance and other things.  I have moved the tv service, the internet service and even packed in a new phone for my daughter on Cyber Monday from Verizon!!!  Yay 😉

This has been my view the last few days….

Gazing at our home to be… in Florida!!!  I still want to pinch myself but the story is about to change because this afternoon or tomorrow I start packing my craft room.

Truth be told, my honey has already started packing his handyman tools in the garage.  He finally finished that job and was happy to be done so no more pics but it was a totally custom tile bathroom with crown molding… very high end nice for a hall bath.

Stay tuned for moving boxes and hopefully I will have time to work on the stocking!  lol

It is just days til Christmas but I figure it will all work out.  We plan to decorate some in our new home as we adapt to a new and different space to live in 🙂

Have a blessed week!


1 thought on “Before the packing begins …

  1. Leah

    Hi Kathi! Wanted to stop by and say hi and thank you for your sweet comment on my blog and for following me:) So nice to meet a new blog friend. Congrats on your new home, it looks lovely!! Look forward to seeing more….have a great move.



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