30 days til Christmas!

Happy 30 days til Christmas!!!  Normally I would be showing you pics of our Christmas decorations but today instead… we are beginning to pack up the house!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving whether it was down time like we had… with cheeseburgers wrapped in bacon, macaroni and cheese and green beans for Thanksgiving… yummm!  My wonderful son Mike made the burgers… he is a culinary master where I fumble in the culinary department!  lol

Also… I have started working on a Christmas stocking for ….


I have the hardest time staying on task for a project for me… but when I am stitching or creating for others I flourish… I pray for them as I am making their masterpiece and find solace in knowing the recipient will be happy… for this I am the recipient… sure I will be happy but I am a giver as many of us crafters are so it is a tough call.

This stocking is pieced felt and is quite a challenge… here is the whole stocking.. just so you understand how much work I still have to do!

The cover page got partially eaten by my sweet Daisy when I left her alone too long one day and forgot to put up my work… but it will be Santa on the beach under the umbrella I am working on now 🙂

What are you working on?  Do you celebrate Thanksgiving?  What are your traditions for fall time ???

Have a blessed day month and don’t forget… Jesus is the reason for the Season!


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