We found a home :)

So we sold our house… I have discussed this in previous posts… there have been so many decisions to make and we needed to find a home to call ours after selling the one we are in… so off to Florida we went to our goal city of Port Orange!  Located just south of Daytona Beach it is a sleepy beachside town with lots of shopping and the beach nearby too!  Great schools is what caught my eye but with our first visit to this little town of 56,000 we were instantly in love!

Here is the home we picked out of 4 that we looked at…

First the MLS pic… then the pic we took when we were there…

At the front door you are currently greeted by a cute little flamingo with flapping wings….

And in the back yard are daisies my cute Daisy Mae can enjoy too!

The daisies are outside a screened in room called a florida room… it has windows that close for hot summer days and cool winter nights… but this is beachside living in Fla at its best in this home… great schools for the kids…

Here I am with our realtor Ruby Tavakoli!  She really did a great job finding this house for us because I didn’t even like what I saw on the internet and wouldn’t have viewed this home without her insistence!!!

My daughter wanted a booth in the kitchen for meals… guess what… God provides!

And everyone has a modestly large bedroom at 10 x 13 or larger and I have my craft room back in my bedroom which I love!

So until later… hope you and yours have a blessed Thanksgiving.. as for us … we are non traditional Thanksgiving people… so we are happy to call this a relaxing day after a stressful couple of weeks!

Thanks for reading 🙂


Next up… packing my craft room!  I have friends who volunteered!!!  Yay!

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