Cookie Monster Invitations!

My cousin Kyle and his wife Robyn have a cute little one about to turn 2 who LOVES cookie monster!!!  So I made some invites thanks to Robyn asking me to and telling me what she wanted!  I got the cart Sesame Street Friends for this task.. here is how they turned out!

I made some with yellow card bases and some with red… see both at the bottom of this post 🙂

First I linked the cartridge to my gypsy so I could make the card base… with the coordinating number 2 for his second birthday.. his name is Davis …

Next I cut out the cookie monsters…  can you see them on my cricut sheet????

Then I outlined them while on the cricut mat before I took them off!  What a great effect that was!

Once I pulled off the cookie monsters after I colored their outline in it was just down to putting them together….

I went though 2 blue pens outlining these so if you plan to do this make sure you have hard nibbed pens or if you use brush tips like I did know you will lose the integrity of the nib in this process if you are doing a lot… I made 16 of these 😉

I weeded out the cookie pieces to show the chocolate chips… and cookie monsters feet and hands…  then mounted the cookies on the shadow feature in black… then laid them on showing the silly eyes off the top!

Making these 16 little cookie monster invites was lots of fun… in the midst of more waiting….

We had a great appraisal on our home so all is well with the sale but the house we want to move into is problematic.  Not the house but the situation.  More on that at it progresses but keep us in your thoughts and prayers please… to make wise choices in the coming days and months 😉

Meanwhile my honey is almost done with the bathroom remodel he has been working on…

The owners are going to paint but in the last pic you can really see where they took the bathroom wall back about 8″ from where it was… into a staircase deadspace and a closet end…. that is work that is still to be finished behind the scenes 😉

Hope you are having a great day and hope you enjoyed the cards I made 🙂

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!  We have so much to be grateful for… wherever we are!


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