Life in the fast lane :)

Hello my friends… come chat with me for a while 🙂

I got some HAPPY MAIL!!!  I won some blog candy in the way of Peachy Keen face stamps from Sassy Cricut Craftings blog here

They sent me this sweet handmade and ink edges note with a personal message inside and this great stamp set for me to play with!!!!  YAY!!! I love blog candy 🙂  Do you ???  If not what do you like???

My honey is still working on that bathroom remodel and it is getting grouted now….

And me… I have been crafting by making this darling advent calendar box that may be our only Christmas decoration this year as the buyers want to move in on December 14!

Living life in the fast lane has highs and lows… what do I mean by that… we are selling our home and moving to another state… a move we have looked forward to coming for a long time… but in the midst of that one of my children is having a crisis… so we are dealing with that… then there are a few repairs you will be seeing us do that has us very very busy besides our weekday jobs.  So I call it living in the fast lane because everything is happening so fast 😀

But I know you really came by to see how my cross stitch is coming along…. the fast lane hasn’t allowed me to finish it but all I lack now is her name and birthdate!  Yay… when I show you the finished project I will also show you a picture of the recipient!

Thanks for letting me get a little personal in my posts of late… soon we will be back to tutorials and crafts and renovations only and life will return back to the regular lane!  lol

Have a blessed day!


6 thoughts on “Life in the fast lane :)

  1. Nicole

    I love the advent calendar and the cross stitch. They both look great!! Were will you be moving to? I would not like moving during the holidays but would be appreciative to sell my house. Congrats!!


  2. Kelsey

    Wow! Sounds real busy!! Congratulations on the move, house improvements being completed, and the advent and stitching are wonderful! Pray you have time to enjoy your last moments together in that home.


  3. Dixie

    Congratulations on your win! I love happy mail, too. It's always such a nice surprise to find something other than the usual bills or junk mail when I go to the post office. Moving is stressful, even when it's a wanted, anticipated move, so it's good to see you have such a positive attitude about it. Your advent calendar is great! I made one of these last year and it was so much fun. I just love the papers and colour scheme you used for yours. And your cross stitch is gorgeous; what a wonderful gift!



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