Selling… again… on Ebay!

Well after cleaning out some things from my craft closet and deciding Ebay was the best place to get my money back for the items I wanted to get rid of I put a few things on Ebay… if you read my previous posts on Ebay you will see that clothing didn’t work well for us… took a lot of time to list all of it and it was pointless in the end… better for yard sales… so all the clothes are going to yard sales and we are selling items on cl (craigslist) that are better for local pick up and plan to put more items on Ebay now after having a successful sale…

Only 2 things didn’t sell of the 9 items we posted… this time I just used Ebays online posting system instead of my fancy pages… we made more than we expected on everything and felt our more judicious decision to only sell high quality easy to ship items on Ebay was the way to go for the future as well!

Thanks for hanging in there with us as we are preparing to sell our home and many of the things I want to share with you are still projects in process.

Have a blessed day!  Kathi

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