The cost of "giving it away" on Craigslist….

Do you play on craigslist (cl) in your town or city?  Do you have something similar in your country?  Craigslist is an online marketplace in most large towns and cities in the USA and you can sell or give things away locally.  Kind of like Ebay but smaller and local. 

We have had many cl “adventures” both buying and selling but lately we have been having fun finding and giving things away on cl under “free stuff”… there are new items advertised all the time and they say what part of town they are located in so you can decide if the gas is worth the trip!

These professional moving boxes for example, we got today for our upcoming move… there were over 70 boxes and several boxes full of paper for packing.  We even got the most coveted wardrobe boxes with bars!!!!  I am so excited I can’t stand it… and all for Free and $15.00 in gas!!!  If we hadn’t been willing to drive to the unknown we wouldn’t have gotten the blessing of all these boxes.

That said though we have been on a couple curb alerts that were shams and a waste of gas but in the end we feel like we are winners!!!

Today we also gave away some free stuff on cl and felt like we really helped people out.  It may have been easier to take it to goodwill … not sure what we will do next time.  But we get such satisfaction out of it I bet we do it again… on a day when we aren’t as busy as we were today.  lol!

Have you ever bought or sold like I just described?  What was your experience like?  Thanks for reading! 

More on the move and some pretty cards are coming up!!!!

2 thoughts on “The cost of "giving it away" on Craigslist….

  1. Just Me

    I like CL. We got our car through there. I have also given away stuff. Even had a garage sale and advertised it on CL. Those moving boxes are worth more than the gas money you spent. Good luck with your move



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