The homemade scrapbook is COMPLETE!

Here is the cover of the scrapbook I made for my friend to put together.  See the highlighted “Tyler”… he is in the NAVY and goes by Tyler at home but his first name or last name in the NAVY.  He is on a boat in the Middle East with an unknown return date.  This is going to be his birthday present!!!!
Here he is with his wife…

His father and his brothers…

Renaissance Fair pics…

Here is my friend working on the doodling she did in his book!

It was such an honor to work on this project with her for her son…. someone who is working to protect this nation!

I even made this book!  Me and his mom graduated with our Bachelors in Nursing in the spring of 2008 when he graduated from high school!  How cool is that!  We all took a vacation together 😉

 More pics of his mom and his wife…

 He loves neat looking cars and frequently poses with them for a quick shot so here are a few of those for him to remember!

 A cool pic of him and a pic of him with his bros finish the book…

 And this is what the back looks like… I hope they all write words of love to him here but we will see….  She said ;)….

Overall the experience of making a scrapbook from a grand total of cardboard I had… free… a paper pack I found in my stash…. also therefore free… some solid colors to back the photos and personalize the book more… in my stash… FREE!  1 yard of ribbon in my stash…  I used my gypsy and cricut to weld words for the book… I will have to replace adhesive I used but otherwise this project cost the price of printing the pics!!!!  And it is for the BEST cause !!

Hope you have enjoyed this… if you want more information on how to make the basic scrapbook… you choose the size as long as you can find paper to cut down… mine was 7″ x 12″.  Overall…. PRICELESS!!!!!

What projects are you working on right now?  Do you ever craft with friends like I did on this project???

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