I am finished with the scrapbook of Spring Break 2012!

Mission completa as my BFF says… I have finished the project I have worked steadily on for the last 10 days.  This is probably the fastest and happiest I have been with a scrapbook that I have done.  I am looking forward to what I will do next now…

And if you tilt your head sideways you can see a couple of my fave layouts in the book…

 This layout above was a lot of fun… I popped out Daisy’s head and highlighted the words with holographic glitter glue I had…. Also highlighted words I added to the other page “Lobster Tail”…. Brandi’s first lobster tail to eat!  Yummy 🙂

This is a Basic Grey set called Lauderdale and the blues on the paper just looked like the sky that we enjoyed that day after a morning shower passed through!  Love this layout 🙂

And yes, our dog Daisy went on vaca with us… so she earned her spot in this book!  lol

Hope you enjoyed some of my pages!  I sure enjoyed completing this project.  Don’t you love it when you have a project to complete and you do it?  I have been reading several sewing blogs and some people talk about quilting to be finished or a craft task left to dry and then forgotten…

Take this time in the heat to finish something you have wanted to.. then share with us here in Blog world!  We wanna see completed projects 🙂

Have a blessed night!  I know I feel like I have completed something huge.. Kathi

1 thought on “I am finished with the scrapbook of Spring Break 2012!

  1. Just Me

    Your pages are very nice. Looks like the vacation was a hit with Daisy and the rest of the family. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us. I agree, its really a great feeling when a project gets finished.I looked at some of your other posts and I really like the cathedral card, I'm going to try making one.



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