Making a keepsake picture frame

Happy Sunday everyone… today I am sharing something me and my honey made together!  He cut it out and stained it and I altered it!

We started with 2 hearts I cut off the cricut… my die cutting machine.  Then we went to Lowes and picked a nice piece of poplar in their craft wood section.  It cost $10.00.  It was 1″ x 12″ x 24″ long.  Being budget minded we wanted love put into this and not money!  lol

Here are the hearts we used as a baseline for cutting the wood…

We decided how we wanted them to look… taped them then laid them on an angle on the piece of wood… so the grain would be cool looking…

Next we went to the dollar store and picked up a 4 x 6 frame with a glass front for $2.00.  The glass is all we needed to finish the bones of the frame.  My honey cut out the opening with a jigsaw and routed out the back for the glass to slip in.  We added some hardware to hold in the glass that we had found in Lowe’s picture hanging section (sorry no pics of the back!).  Because it balanced itself on one nail we only had to strategically place one picture hanging hook that we had left over from another project!

Now it is my turn.  I had some beautiful muted wedding day paper I cut into a heart and mod podged in place… once that was dry I added the date and names and added another layer of mod podge.  Once all that dried I used cool letter stamps I have to stamp “love” on it but the “l” didn’t turn out too dark and I couldn’t get it to after repeated tries… so we added a piece of burlap twisted in 2 thicknesses then laid in place with adhesive tacky glue.  Finally I stamped “their phrase” on the bottom and embossed it in blue glitter for a bit of fun as they are a young couple!

My honey put several coats of spar varnish we had from Lowe’s left over from a previous project and Whalaah!  The finished frame is ready to present to the newlyweds!

I hope you enjoyed this idea and I hope it inspires you.. I just wish I was blogging when we made this cute frame because I would have taken more pics of the process!  lol  Enjoy crafting!  Kathi

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