Happy 4th of July after! Birthday fun!

Happy 4th of July to you all!  It was my birthday so I have been very busy the last few days trying to get things together… we had a big party at my home on the 3rd and I went to my brothers home for my birthday party on the 4th!  No fireworks this year because it was so dry but a great time was still had by all!

This was my first and best present was from my honey.  He made me a pot for our new back porch and bought me flowers that are drought tolerant in my fave colors… red, white, and blue!!!

Isn’t it gorgeous?!!  I love the way he built it and we planted it.  These pics were taken a couple of weeks ago so I can tell it is filling out but with the drought.. even with watering it isn’t blooming like it should yet… updates to come!

My presents this year included a couple things I had bought for my kids and my honey to give me… lol… a pair of shoes I needed and a wristlet by Vera Bradley I drooled over in Purple Punch! 

I also got a scrapbook album to fill in my favorite color of purple!  A quilt to put together in purple and sage green…and yummy body soap! 

Most special to me is a journal/notebook my mom made for me and gave me!  Thanks mom!  I am already using all my gifts and have gotten lots of love from my family and friends.. that is what birthdays are about anyway right???

Here are some pics of the journal my mom made me…

And a close up of the cute button she chose for me!

And the inside… see I am making a CTMH order!  Wish list really 🙂

I like to plan for the year ahead … and for many years this next year is likely to bring change into my life so my motto this year is…

I hope you have a great week… now let me get back to crafting so I have something to show you next time you visit 🙂  Have a blessed week!  Kathi

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