Joining a blog group… and showcase shelves!

It is official.  I have been welcomed into a blog group.  I am hoping this will help me make my blog like many others I have seen as far as being creative and organized.  As yet I have not figured it out but I will persevere and fiddle on here until I figure it out.

We are having record breaking heat right now with the high yesterday being 112 degrees and no humidity.  Like desert conditions they said… but Tennessee is not supposed to be a desert! 

To combat the heat my honey and I got busy … we found this piece of wood that was about 3 feet long and sturdy and cool… he made the returns on it to make it look like it is going into the wall and added white wash and rope for a beachy effect.   We plan to move to Fla next year… can you tell we are ready???? 

  Here is a close up of the shelf and the R & K on the top shelf that I made to keep there….

I covered a piece of chipboard from packaging with material from the quilt on our bed!  I cut out our initials and an ampersand with my gypsy and cricut…  This is a start to making this corner look cozy… check out my earlier blog about rejuvenating my scrap area to see a view of my craft room.  It is too messy for a big pic right now!  LOL

I hope you and found inspiration in some of what I have shared with you today …
Beeee Creative!

1 thought on “Joining a blog group… and showcase shelves!

  1. Lisa Echerd

    What cool shelves! Love the idea of the rope as an accent. 112 degrees in Tennessee is just too, too much! It's hot here but not quite that bad. HOpe it cools down soon.



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