Making a cathedral quilt pattern card!

For this tutorial I took lots of pics… so enjoy the creativity in yourself and make one!  Time involved is about 1 hour plus drying time if you need it.

Start with your basic card stock 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ then fold in half to make the A2 size card of 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″.  Set this aside for now.  We will embellish it later.

Next you need:  1 1/2″ round punch, pencil, scraps of paper that coordinate for the card front and a scorer.  I used Megan Elizabeth’s Cutmate Paper Layerz so the back is the same on every piece!  If you have one sided paper to use … you will see the white back which is pretty or you can make it double sided if you have a sheet of paper to back each circle with.  This will be more clear as you read the tutorial.

Okay, so once you have picked out the paper you want to use for this project… cut 9 1 1/2″ circles like this one…

Then cut 1 piece square in a 1″ size… this can be out of any kind of heavy cardstock you have as it is only a template!

I used a piece of the paper I used… this project used 1 piece of the Paper Layerz!  How Cool!  If you haven’t seen Paper Layerz look for Megan Elizabeth on you tube!

So now I am ready to make the card embellishement and this is what I have punched so far…

Next you have to take your pencil and LIGHTLY mark on each one on the front where it needs to be scored by following the square template….

Now score your marks!….

Once all 9 pieces are scored fold the sides in to the front on all 9.  This takes a few minutes but makes it all worth it in the end.

Next cut out a 3 x 3 piece of cardstock the same color as your circle backs as a base for your embellishment.  If you made your circles larger or smaller adjust accordingly.  I had 9 pieces 1″ each making mine 3 x 3″.

Now add glue… I use my pink ATG gun as it works on everything so well!

now mount your circles turned squares onto the glued mat.  Without the mat you will see through the card… so if you opted for white you may not want to do this step but I think it pulls it all together better to do it than to not.

Now comes the time consuming part.  Add sticky pearls with extra glue on them.. I use a quick dry adhesive for paper that ROCKS… will post it later if you are interested or ask me!

Once I had all my embellishments added to the corners of each “circle” I sat my cuttlebug with the thickest plate touching the pearls and the weight of the cuttlebug to hold it all in place while it dried and I ran a few errands… I added a sentiment with a stamp I had and the card is now finished!

Hope this tutorial has helped you!  Please let me know if I can be of further help to be creative!

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