Making a festive summer wreath!

I found this wreath on Pinterest and decided to try to make it. 

And I inadvertently completed my first challenge!

The pic looked like this… but the directions on the blog were more vague… so I will try to walk you through it in time to look good for the summer!!!  We are having a heat wave in my town and are praying for rain!

So this is the one I saw… so off to the fabric store I went.  I went to JoAnn’s and got 1 yard of bleached burlap (lighter than the natural burlap) and 1/3 yard of denim and a green wreath frame the size a little smaller than I wanted my finished wreath to be… now to figure out how to cut the burlap and denim!!!

I took my yard of burlap and opened it up with the short side on top I divided it so that one side had about 3″ more than the other and cut it with OLD scissors… don’t use good ones on burlap pls!!!  No one told me that!  Then the smaller section my honey painted with red spray paint on one side (from the Dollar Store).  Then I cut each into about 3″ strips… I actually just fanfolded it and eyeballed it but I wound up with several strips of each color… I did the same with the denim.  I had one strip of each the red and bleached burlap and no denim left over… I have since used the burlap for other craft projects!

Okay so you have all your strips… now time to HAND SEW a basting thread… there are some good pics of this on her blog so I will put the link here…
but I didn’t do mine quite like hers… that took too long and gave it a different look.

About every inch I went up or down with my needle and instead of using yarn like she used I used hand quilting thread that was white.  It did PERFECT!  So I did the ruffle by sewing along the top border of the long side of the strip then gently ruffling it until I got about 2 full wraps with each color.  You need more bleached than red burlap because it begins and ends with the bleached burlap.

To stick my sewn and knotted ruffled pieces to the wreath (I did not wrap it in ribbon and you can’t tell btw) I used ball point pins that would go in and stay.  I put them in at all kind of wierd angles so they would hold each other in well.  If this is going to be outside you don’t want to use hot glue.. it can melt in the heat.  I wanted a wreath I could use year after year so I used pins to secure it well.

Once I covered 2/3 of it in red and white stripes I put on denim.  Now the denim I chose had stars on it in a silver white color but you can use buttons like they did above … I bought buttons but didn’t use them… they only cost a dollar so I will use them on something else.

Once I got everything the way I liked it I used about a foot of ribbon that was heavy duty and knotted it on the back where the ends come together and pinned it between layers with LOTS of pins… and Whalllaaahhh!  I have a festive patriotic wreath for years to come and total time in was less than 5 hours from start to finish!

Thanks for reading!!!  Kathi

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