More Cricut card swap and GOING POSTAL!

The Cricut card swap… once I read the small print again … said that we also needed to send Cricut cut images… so I chose a snowflake from my Art Philosphy cartridge because I had a CTMH stamp for it and I am planning on making this for Christmas cards this year… I wanted to know how difficult it was before I did it for 30 or 40!

So I made 4 snowflakes with some icy blue glitter paper I had and then stamped with Brocade Blue by SU.

as you can see I don’t have Photoshop on my computer yet… but I am hoping my son will download it soon… this saved horizontally so it would have been right for you to look at and instead it posted vertically!  Very frustrating but I have to learn somehow I guess…

Hope you enjoy the crafts I am making…

Now to go POSTAL!  First you have to follow the instructions of the swap very carefully.  I am hoping that by buying 6 x 9 envelopes they are big enough to not scrunch my work up or the work of others in the return mailers… but doing 2 swaps for a first timer means learning twice I guess.  I will see how the swap hostesses like how I have done it.

A swap hostess is the one who makes the rules and coordinates the swapping.  The person you mail your goodies to and who returns you with goodies.

So my packages are ready and I will mail in the morning then wait and wait… to see what I get in return… I am sure God has a reason for every card I will get!

Thanks for reading my life… Enjoy yours too and share it!

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