My Cricut Card Swap!

For my second swap I chose a Cricut swap because as long as I have had my gypsy and my cricut I have never been able to cut an A2 card from it… so that was my challenge…. worked the first time!

I used the Art Philosophy cartridge and cut out the 4th image from the left on the top row.  I chose shift and card and got the card base.  I used really nice cardstock (2 sheets for 4 cards) of 12 x 12 size and cut it right out on my cricut.  I put the scraps in another bin to save for later…

I used the positive image of the dragonfly left over to embellish the front… I added some color to them and glued them in place!

For the inside I used 1 sheet of cardstock and cut out 2 cards without the dragonfly  (wanna know how to do that ???? just ask me in comments below and I can explain) and 1/4″ smaller .  I then cut them in half and put them inside the greeting side of the card to make the dragonfly pop on the front!  Easy.. why was I so worrried I wonder now!

  The cricut left marks for folding the card… I just used those marks on my cutter and cut it!  Now I have the 4 cards I needed for my swap and they are finished in just over 3 sheets of paper!  Yay!

Hope you have a blessed day and thanks for reading my blog.  Please comment any gypsy questions you have as I have pretty well mastered it and I want you to as well!

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