My first "card swap"

I have been lurking on split coast stampers for a few days and praying about getting involved with them as an outlet for more communication and interaction with others.  This is a goal of mine and I saw this as one way to step out into the world of trying new things at the same time!  Yay!

So yesterday I agreed to do the swap.  The deal is I make 6 cards that are alike.  They have to have 2 layers and 3 embellishments on them each.  I made 2 tonite then spilled a box of jewels so I stopped for the night but I will be dreaming about finishing those cards I think…

The fun of crafting is doing many things I think though and in that vein I have been gardening and cross stitching lately and have a couple things for you to see…

This is a side view of a great flower basket that my honey made for me.  We had leftover wood from rebuilding the back deck and he used the short pieces in a cool way I think….

and here is a pic of it the next morning!

Another project I have worked on when I haven’t been busy… haha… is a wedding announcement cross stitch for my son, James, who is getting married this weekend… here is the wedding announcement….

 and I made a card to give them as well… with all the crafting things I organized I better make the card!

I really am pleased with how it all turned out and I didn’t plan any of it!!!

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